How can we help ourselves


Constipation - how can we help ourselves?

It is advisable to practice strengthening abdominal muscles and stimulates the digestive system. It is the best form of exercise that can be performed in an upright position as walking, running and swimming. They improve the function of intestines squeezed in the abdomen for most of the day due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Above all, adjustment in our diet is unfortunately necessary. It must be rich in foods containing a lot of fiber that is contained in dark bread, raw vegetables and fruit and groats. This makes easy the movement of food in the intestines, and accelerates the excretion of debrits from our body. We should also put into our daily diet yogurt, because they contain lactic acid bacteria, which are in the large intestine and stimulating them to work and also inhibit the growth of unhealthy bacteria. In the struggle against constipation is also very important to drink about 2 liters of beverage a day.

Hemorroids- how can we help ourselves?

Primarily in preventing hemorrhoids is to struggle with constipation. A daily moderate exercise and changes in diet are essential to improve our health. To make discomfort caused by hemorrhoids lower and relieve the inflammation around the anus, we should use preparation with analgesic and antiseptic effect which reduce itching and swelling. These include ointments, gels or suppositories, which mostly contain extracts.

Varicose veins - how can we help ourselves?

With varicose veins especially recommended are those forms of movement that improve blood circulation in our legs. These include walking or cycling. You can also prepare this exercise which helps you with blood movement upwards in your legs. The example of this exercise is climbing up on toes, and after a while powerful falls on the heel.

Back pain - how can we help ourselves?

One of the most effective solutions is to make our muscles supporting the spine, more flexible and strengthen. This concerns muscle of our chest and abdomen. It is recommended to choose moderate exercise that won't overload our body. They include swimming, dancing or gymnastics. Also it's important to avoid sports that involve a significant risk of injury as skiing, skating or soccer. Massage and a warm bath will bring us relief. We must also take care of our diet. It should provide adequate amount of calcium and B vitamins, because they have a big impact on the functioning of the muscles and strong bones.

Overweight and hypertension - how can we help ourselves?

The basic thing is to follow special diet, which limits the intake of fat and salt, and include indications for regular, moderate exercise. For a start suitable is a quite briskly march or riding a bike, then you can gradually increase your effort. The benefits of training can be seen quite quickly. Thanks to the lowered cholesterol which is responsible for improving the oxidation of blood and myocardial contractility, also increases the volume of the coronary arteries and lowers blood pressure. It is very important that we should also quite regularly observe our cholesterol and blood pressure.

Type 2 diabetes - how can we help ourselves?

Besides taking medications prescribed by a doctor and strictly follow the recommendations of a diet, also very important is physical activity. Moderate regular exercise such as walking can improves glucose tolerance and increase insulin sensitivity. If you want to improve your condition and level of your energy it is worth to think about team sports for example basketball. When you play this game you force all your body to move. It's also important to use special basketball shoes. If you wan't be more original on sports field just wear basketball t-shirt to be more like one of famous player. You can choose it on